Rebuilding history

enfants-notamment-pu-participer-defense(Bethany) About 750 people have jumped back Scent of a Woman, during the Medieval Festival of Bethany. Great jousting, music, dance, capture of Fort mingled, opportunities were numerous to soak a rarely available when universe has no medieval costume.

Greeted by costumed people, visitors could already get a glimpse of what awaited them. Arriving at the site which hosts fantastic medieval type sizes and a holiday camp in the summer, festival goers were treated to a battle at the foot of the wooden fort. Children were also involved in the defense of Fort lancer in the position.

In the box, the puppeteer Céline Marceau welcomed children wanting to learn to create their own puppet. Further, merchants had settled with their furs, their wood paneling and leather accessories. In the meadow, pageant groups had planted their medieval tent and passed on their knowledge to the curious.

People are “generally impressed with unknown so says Camille David, part of the Archers du Lys for two years. I must confess that in one of the events that had been made, people did not expect what we want to talk about it. We explained the types of arrowheads, where it came out, people were forced to learn to shoot from the age of 7 years to 77 years. This is to convey the story because it is losing more and more. ”

Archers of the lily, specializing in English archery, accustomed to these events. They usually work with the dog Rover, which allows them to have a larger camp. Both groups are interested in the pageant.

Open doors

Right next to them, the children learned to play Trollball, a sport that is practiced in the fantastic medieval grandeur kind where you fight a troll head using weapons latex.

“This weekend was dedicated to medieval. This is the event where it focuses on people who do the reconstruction, people interested in the time, “said Martin Bergeron, owner of the leisure workshop, which organized the festival.

“People can come in costume, but for people who have questions, who want to see the location, who are interested in the Middle Ages, but do not necessarily want to be in costume, it serves doors open. We thematic every year, but usually at the base of the festival is a medieval jousting with the horse, the sword fights, knights in armor, “he lists.

Public involvement has always been an important aspect of the event. “As is the mid-size, it’s always been an important part of the festival. It is a participatory festival. This component has always been our angle of approach. ”

Therefore inflatable games with bright colors contrasted with the more medieval environment. Several activities have also allowed to participate and the public dance. The Medieval Festival of Bethany has also been particularly spoiled by the weather for its 8th edition.

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