Rebecca Hampton (More beautiful life) : a single mother, she dreamed of something else for her daughter – Here

Rebecca Hampton was entrusted on his life as a single mother in Télé 7 jours. She explained that she could have wished that his daughter does not know as it the separation of his parents.

Regrets, Rebecca Hampton a lot. A single mother, it is separated from the father of her daughter Eléa and still has not found love. A galley sentimental that she would never have imagined to know, as she has explained to Télé 7 jours : “I don’t necessarily have the life that I had dreamed about for 18 years. I am a big romantic, and at that age, I could see myself married in white dress and with a large family “.

Especially, at this age-here, Rebecca Hampton was persuaded to marry a day Pascal Obispo thanks to the voodoo magic. If any of his dreams is realized, and the actress, the More beautiful the life is when even experienced the joys of motherhood, with the birth of her daughter in 2013. There still has not happened as expected for the pretty blonde aged 44 years.

She has lived very badly the loss of her father and his mother confided on her childhood wounds : “I know what the separation of my parents has caused to me, little one. If I had been able to avoid it to my daughter, it would have made me happy “. Even if not everything is perfect, Rebecca Hampton has only good things to say about the father of her daughter, who was still very present : “I can’t, I thank them for making me this child because I’m crazy “.

An unconditional love that the actress had given a preview when she posted several photos of the small Eléa in June 2016. “Eternal optimist” Rebecca Hampton trust to fate and hope soon to her life as a single mother, will soon be far behind her : “Who knows, in two years, I may be married, with another child ! “This is everything we wished him.

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