Razumkov revealed the truth about what really thinks about the parade on independence Day: “bent”

Разумков раскрыл правду о том, что на самом деле думает о параде в День независимости: "прогнулся"

The leader of the “servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov previously played for the military parade on Independence Day

This position is the candidate for the post of speaker of the Verkhovna Rada expressed exactly a year ago, August 22. In Facebook, he wrote that “parade on independence Day – an essential attribute of the holiday.”

“This is a very strong message to our international partners, the Ukrainian society and the army, which suggests that in recent years, we have been able to recreate the army, which from 2014, the year in fact was not. And this, in the first place, the merit of the Ukrainian people”, — wrote Razumkov.

Разумков раскрыл правду о том, что на самом деле думает о параде в День независимости: "прогнулся"

However, he urged not to manipulate a military parade and the Independence Day for political purposes, “to unite, not to split Ukraine”.

As you know, this year President Vladimir Zelensky has canceled a military parade and is scheduled for it’s money decided to give the award to the military. However, the holiday still take place, but in a different scale.

August 24 in Kiev will be held two marches, one of which will be official. This day will also be a ceremony which will be organized by the Office of the President. It will start at 9:30 at the memorial cross on the spot death of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes. On the main square of the country at this time will be a musical and choreographic flashmob: will be heard by famous Ukrainian songs in modern arrangement.

Разумков раскрыл правду о том, что на самом деле думает о параде в День независимости: "прогнулся"

After that on the Maidan will be the ceremonial raising of the National flag of Ukraine, the military choir to perform Anthem of Ukraine and will be awarded to the Ukrainians, who have achieved success in various fields. This will be followed by a solemn procession, which is supposed to finish at 11:00. All over a large-scale concert.

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