Razumkov revealed the truth about the new heads of the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry: “the prerogative of the President”

Разумков раскрыл правду о новых главах Минобороны и МИД: "прерогатива президента"

Dmitry Razumkov told about when will start appointment to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and who will hold the posts of Ministers

The head of the party “servant of the People” Dmitry Razumkov talked to reporters Politeka. He spoke about the candidates for the post of Prime Minister and the new government of Ukraine.

“Look, I hope that the government will soon be after you earn the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Prime Minister and the Ministers. And it is the Prime Minister submits to the Parliament proposals in relation to candidates for these positions. Of course, there will be personnel changes in relation to the Minister of foreign Affairs, Minister of defence, as it is the prerogative of the President, he will offer for these positions candidates,” said Razumkov.

Разумков раскрыл правду о новых главах Минобороны и МИД: "прерогатива президента"

He also notes that he hopes to replace the head of the SBU. Such awaits the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine. So you need to look and not take away the right from the new Prime Minister to make proposals for personnel changes.

Razumkov yet commented on the possibility of appointing Ruslan Ryaboshapko for attorney General:

“Look, I think that would be correct, if the President or his representatives who are working in the Office of the President, talked about proposals that will be heard from the President. I think there’s time, there are candidates who can occupy this responsible position, but let’s wait when will begin the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”.

Разумков раскрыл правду о новых главах Минобороны и МИД: "прерогатива президента"

Previously, we reported that Dmitry Razumkov told about the planting of corrupt officials.

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