Razumkov made an important statement about the work of the new Parliament: “We invite the colleagues…”

Разумков сделал важное заявление о работе новой Рады: «Мы предложим коллегам...»

Dmitry Razumkov tell you the number of parliamentary committees, their titles and when they will be approved

About the MP said on Wednesday, August 14, at a briefing in Kiev.

As Chairman of the preparatory parliamentary group Dmitry Razumkov, the approval of a number of committees of the Verkhovna Rada will be held on Thursday, August 15, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

Разумков сделал важное заявление о работе новой Рады: «Мы предложим коллегам...»

At the meeting, according to Razumkov, will be approved not only by the number of committees and their names.

“Tomorrow at the meeting of the preparatory parliamentary group, we will approve the number of committees, their names and the subject of vision and after that we will contact our colleagues to offer deputies in the composition of these committees,” said Razumkov.

According to the politician, it was proposed to create 22 of the Committee, but discussions are still ongoing.

As we wrote earlier, the head of the p resident of the political party “the servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov called the main difference of the new “convening” of the Verkhovna Rada. According to him, the deputies during the course of his professional work shall use the state language.

“I think we need more tolerant, but on the other hand, if we are talking about official positions, I believe that after all the deputies during their professional activities must use the state language”, — he said.

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Razumkov said that the deputies from the “public servants” know the Ukrainian language and will use it. “I’m sure that 99% know Ukrainian MPs and representatives of our political party, speak the state language. If somewhere lacks the knowledge, they fit. It’s not difficult,” — he stressed.

Разумков сделал важное заявление о работе новой Рады: «Мы предложим коллегам...»

As previously reported, Dmitry Razumkov believes that in Ukraine there was a third revolution. He spoke about the victory of Vladimir Zelensky and party in the elections of Ukraine.

At the Razumkov asked whether it was true now Ukraine has a unique chance to change everything. What the head of the party Zelensky replied that it was true.

“This is a unique opportunity that gave us the Ukrainian people, to change the situation in the country. Victory in the presidential election Zelensky — it was actually the third revolution. Only, thank God, she was peaceful and bloodless. She was positive. It was aimed at the unification, consolidation of society around the right goals, and not around the achievement of a political outcome. In this regard, we are globally different from all the rest,” said Razumkov.

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