Ravon sales in Russia increased by 1150%

The Uzbek carmaker Ravon sold in Russia for 9 months of the current year 11 147 budget car. Is 1150% more results of the same period last year.

The level of sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in a given time shows that Ravon selling in Russia a converted Chevrolet, was not even in the TOP 10. But none of the car brands did not provide such impressive performance, as Ravon. Et by the growth of the dealer network and relatively small cost to machine brands.

It should be recalled that Ravon acts as the official sponsor of Russian national football team. As a sponsor Ravon may use a comprehensive set of advertising and image rights.

Ravon is the new brand under which in 2015 produced products auto plant GM Uzbekistan. It can be considered a successor to the iconic brand Uz-Daewoo, for 20 years implement in Russia about 1 000 000 copies.

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