Ravaged house in the mountain village

A fire completely destroyed a residence of the Alpine village of Saint-David-de-Falardeau, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. The house, located at 196 rue de Vail, Valinouet sector was for sale and unoccupied for about two years. Damage is estimated at about $ 500,000.


Around 2:40, firefighters from the municipality were called to go to the scene after the sector of citizens calls, says Gilles Tremblay, Director of the Fire Service of Saint-David-de-Falardeau. Upon arrival at the scene, the building was already a total loss, says Tremblay. “There are not many people in Valinouët this season. When we arrived, it was perhaps half an hour or more as it burned. It was a beautiful cottage with a value of at least $ 500,000, “said Mr. Tremblay.

The latter added that six other nearby residences sustained minor damage.

According to information obtained, the property belonging to people from outside the region was for sale for about two years. It will be for the insurance company to determine the origin of the fire. “I do not think it’s arson. Does the owner has rented for the weekend? We do not know. We have no idea of the cause of the fire, “said Mr. Tremblay.

A dozen firefighters were on the scene, and reinforcements were requested to the service of Saint-Honore fires that sent four of their men. They were at the scene of the fire until 7:30 am Wednesday morning.

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