Rare disease turned the girl’s life in the pitch darkness: “not waking up for months”

Редкая болезнь превратила жизнь девушки в кромешную тьму: "не просыпается месяцами"

Ball Goods from Colombia called the “sleeping beauty”, the girl, who recently turned 17 years old is sick with a rare disease which may a long time to sleep without waking

The life of a girl from Colombia have long turned into a series of dreams with rare revival. Dream Ball Product may last a month, and another. When the Product goes to sleep, her mother leaves work to care for a daughter. The causes of pathology the doctors can not name: in a world known only to a few cases of this disease. Sorry, but the Prince and kisses, too will not bring relief to the girl.

Long periods of dormancy caused by a rare neurological disease.

Редкая болезнь превратила жизнь девушки в кромешную тьму: "не просыпается месяцами"

Diagnosis, which experts put the Ball is called the syndrome of Klein — Levin. This is a rare neurological disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness, which causes of patients most of the time in bed. Despite the fact that 17-year-old Product almost dropped out of life, her mother Marlene does not depart from the daughter of a single step.

Редкая болезнь превратила жизнь девушки в кромешную тьму: "не просыпается месяцами"

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The incident

During sleep the Ball have to eat, but the diet she special. The mother has to grind food in a blender and make meals something like a cocktail. When it comes to Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Marlene wakes the girl and she drinks the contents of the glass. According to the woman, in these moments, her daughter does not understand what is happening around, because her mind is still sleeping.

The long sleep has a negative impact on the brain Ball: sometimes upon awakening she has lost memory. One day the girl didn’t know mom, what really frightened her. However, the woman says that oblivion was only temporary.

Редкая болезнь превратила жизнь девушки в кромешную тьму: "не просыпается месяцами"

Also earlier it was reported that the child was born with a rare disease because of which his heart is located outside of the body. In the state of Haryana in Northern India, a baby was born with a rare disease, ectopia of the heart.

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The footage from the hospital can be seen on chest newborn baby boy heart beats. On the body of the infant, there are numerous catheters and tubes. According to doctors, the little patient is in intensive care in serious condition.

Ectopia of the heart — a rare congenital disease in which the heart develops outside the chest. Most children born with this anomaly die in the first year of life. For the longest time with this defect managed to live the American Christopher Walla: he had several operations and lived to be 34 years.

We will remind, doctors the United States conducted the complex surgery, which was hidden for five months.

As reported Politeka, three-eyed monster found on the track, the researchers showed photos of the mutant.

Also Politeka wrote that the twin-parasite “devoured” baby, doctors performed a unique operation.