Raphael Pepin (The holiday of the Angels) clash his ex Barbara Moon : “It is a clocharde ! “- Here

Raphael Pepin is very angry with his ex Barbara Moon, who was revealed to have kissed while he was in a relationship with Coralie Porrovecchio.

Contestants of season eight of the Angels, Raphael Pepin and Coralie Porrovecchio have lived a beautiful romance. But it was without counting on the arrival in the villa of Barbara Moon, the former of the young man. Using his charm, the latter had succeeded at the time to steal a kiss, which she admitted some time later on the set of Mad Mag. A big disappointment for Coralie Porrovecchio, which eventually break.

To try to put the pieces back together with this last, Raphael Glitch has made its arrival a few days ago in The holiday Angels in Greece. During a day spent with her on a boat, this one has managed to get it back by chaining the declarations of love. But in spite of a kiss exchanged, the great friend of Jaja is still very hesitant.

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This evening the tea of the Mad Mag, Raphael returned to his deception with Barbara Moon. A mistake he seems very much regret today. “We met and we hugged each other, it is true, he told, stating that the young woman knew very well that he was couple. There had been that kiss. However, it is true that she gives his body. “

Raphael Pepin was a little more virulent against Barbara Moon, whom he accuses of make the buzz on her back. “She is ready to do everything to make the tv ,he added in anger. Honestly, this is an old girl. She is ready to go out with everyone to do the tv show. It is a clocharde, I tell the truth ! I’m not ashamed to say it. “It means a lot obviously.

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