Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares : Philippe Etchebest has caused an explosion in the attendance at the crêperie of Amandine and Sylvie – Here

If some restaurateurs put the key under the door, despite the boost of Philippe Etchebest, other like Amandine and her mother see the attendance of their restaurant to skyrocket.

Yesterday evening were initially to be broadcast on M6, the selection of France has an incredible talent. But since the scandal of the case Rozon and the cancellation of the shows recorded with it, the chain has chosen to replace its program with a Nightmare in the kitchen. Philippe Etchebest is come to the assistance of Sylvie and her daughter Amandine, at the head of a crêperie in the region of Tours.

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Interviewed by our colleagues of Téléstar, Amandine revealed that the establishment has experienced a record attendance since the passage of the head : “July, August and September, it was an explosion, [the film was shot in early July, ed.]. You have the curiosity of the people like this afternoon where it was full “. An evil for a well since the young woman was, however, admitted some difficulties in the beginning of the shoot : “It was hard, she says. [Philippe Etchebest] arrives in the kitchen after a service, it is not necessarily clean, [ … ] We just thought the image that was going to give to the screen “. In spite of the blows of the soft, the experience has been beneficial, which is not the case for everyone.

Vincent Larvol has also participated in the show. After the broadcast, the restaurant was full. But the happiness was cut short. Financial difficulty requires, the chief ended up selling his business and found himself in the street, forced to beg. If it has not recovered its establishment, Vincent has, however, found work and a place to live recently.

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