Rammstein singer till Lindemann got in a fight over a woman: “you broke my jaw”

Вокалист Rammstein Тилль Линдеманн подрался из-за женщины: «сломал челюсть»

Vocalist and frontman of Rammstein till Lindemann had a fight with one of the hotel guests in Munich and broke his jaw

On Tuesday, June 11, told the newspaper Das Bild.

It is noted that last week the group stayed in Munich in the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof. In the night of Saturday, June 8, Lindemann had a beer in the hotel bar with friends and a girlfriend named Lana.

Before that, a 54-year-old resident of Hamburg asked the singer to do a selfie, but Lindemann refused him. According to the newspaper, the alleged fan has not let up and in the bar began to insult Lana. Lindemann wanted to force him to apologize to the woman, resulting in a scuffle ensued.

Вокалист Rammstein Тилль Линдеманн подрался из-за женщины: «сломал челюсть»

The frontman of Rammstein hit the offender with his elbow in the face, after which he immediately fell. Hotel employees called the police. According to the newspaper, the man received a broken jaw. The police said that adopted a statement about the infliction of bodily injury.

Lindemann himself has not yet commented on the incident.

Earlier it was reported that till Lindemann has fueled rumors about his affair with a Ukrainian girl Svetlana Loboda. He just took it and fell in love. The words of the frontman of Rammstein said in Russian.

Fans of the singer Svetlana Loboda, who moved to live and work in Russia, believe that the artist is a romance with the leader of the German band Rammstein with Till Lindemann.

However, despite all the issues, no Svetlana, no till does not comment on his personal life.

And now, apparently, it’s getting a bit clearer. And all thanks to the new Rammstein clip for the song “Ausländer” (“Foreigner”), which the team filmed in Africa.

The video action takes place in a tribe of aborigines to which the musicians come on an inflatable boat. The till Lindemann in the video dancing, draws, hunts, and… Declaration of love in Russian: “I any tebya”.

Вокалист Rammstein Тилль Линдеманн подрался из-за женщины: «сломал челюсть»

Recall, Loboda swimsuit was stunned by the figure after weight loss.

As reported Politeka, thinner Loboda detonated network hot video in swimsuit.

Also Politeka wrote that the Quinoa needed a rest due to his hectic schedule.