Rada has allowed the import of electricity from Russia: how to hit green energy

В Раде позволили импорт электроэнергии из России: как ударит по "зеленой" энергетике

The parliamentary Committee on energy and housing and communal services released the options for increasing fiscal pressure on the sector of renewable energy

Information published on the official page of the Committee, reports Obozrevatel.

Recalling held on 27 September on the basis of the Committee’s round table, which discussed problems with financing of “green” generation, and the need of legislative changes (including ongoing projects), specify the following options:

— Retrospective cuts in tariff (less preferred option)

— A new tax in the state budget for existing stations (windfall tax, a special fee with the revenue to 2030). Reduction of excise duty on electricity in the amount of such tax;

— A tax on existing stations in the local budgets (2% -3% of income);

— Term limits Pre-PPA, which involve the use of “green” tariff, from 2020, the year;

— Change the “green” tariff from 2020, the year for new stations;

— Additional environmental tax on CO2 emissions, as a source of financing of “green” generation.

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It is noted that such changes are likely to touch the solar and wind farms that are operational in 2017-2019 PP.

“In the coming days will be announced at the meeting of the working group on elaboration of specific legislative changes”, — stated in the message.

As reported on 18 September on the initiative of the Chairman of the Committee on energy and housing and communal services of Andrei Gerus allowed to buy Ukrainian electricity enterprises from the CIS countries on bilateral treaties. According Gerus, imports had to be from Belarus.

October 1 was the first delivery of electricity from Russia in import mode. Supply held steady schedule with capacity of 100 MW by the company “United energy”, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky.

From July 2019, the representatives of the Nikopol and Zaporizhia Ferroalloy plants Igor Kolomoisky NKREKP picket with the requirement to reduce the rate of NEC “Ukrenergo” for the transmission of electricity, which funded the “green” tariff for solar and wind power.