Race car enthusiasts In Cherkassy held a rally in the stock cars

Гонки автолюбителей: В Черкассах проходит ралли на серийных автомобилях

Race car enthusiasts

Under the roar of engines and screeching of tires. In Cherkasy already the second day of the rally runs on production cars. 38 crews are fighting for the prize in the third stage of the “Trophy of the automobile Federation of Ukraine”.

However the competition was not only for experienced auto-athletes, but also for nowicka At the races and visited Stanislav Kukharchuk.

Such accumulations of racing cars at the Cathedral square Cherkasy long gone. The city hosts the third stage of the “Trophy of the automobile Federation of Ukraine”. 38 teams from across the country decided to compete for this prize in the rally on production machines. And the cars in competition on any color and taste – from luxury cars to the Cossacks.

Yana and Oksana are involved in these races for the first time. Say came not all at once, but I assure you the desire to win they have nothing to fight off… even the suddenly broken car.

“We Bula meta dohety to FSU, mi dogali to start, but we smyly machine I mi we will rate,” she says Poddubnaya Oksana Savchenko, Derby girls from Cherkassy.

The first task for the racers is a cool slalom. Time and accuracy in his passing can be crucial for participants in the final race. But to pass, not to touch the chips, it turns out not at all. Although many pilots like slalom does this.

This “Tavria” Victor was the winner of several competitions. The machine, though simple, says the driver, but can give odds to many. The secret is in the skill of the crew, says the athlete. Under the bonnet, the ordinary domestic motor.

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“In summer it’s hard to fight, but in the winter we have the advantage. In the winter we can and with the “BMW” to fight… at the expense of the drive, due low power”, – said Victor, Apatenko, the member races of the Dnieper.

Immediately after the slalom machine go to the Cherkasy airport – there is the main track of the competition.

4-kilometer-long rally route organisers have placed almost on the runway. But before the start of the race – the rain – was almost on the verge of collapse. On wet pavement to keep the car in the turn – is almost impossible.

The peculiarity and at the same time the severity of these events in parallel to the competitions machines. These races in Ukraine for the first time, organizers say. Before this section at the time were only one crew.

“They pass a similar distance with the same mileage, but on different pieces of our airport and the traffic on the platform, for example, a very interesting machine actually walking side by side,” says Andrew Yaromenko, the organizer Rahl.

The crews competed in two days. The winner of the rally will determine tonight – he’ll get his long-awaited and well-deserved champion’s Cup.

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