Rabinovich: the elections, the Ukrainians will Wake up, cease to trust the new government and will vote for the party of peace

Рабинович: На выборах украинцы очнутся, перестанут доверять новой власти и проголосуют за партию мира

Ukrainians will vote for the party of the world because already ceased to trust the new government

This was stated by MP of Ukraine, head of the political party “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich in the “Evening Prime” live TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Here come Zelensky Maybe he was in the beginning it was a good idea. Promised to establish peace, corrupt officials go to jail. And then what? We’re not going for the parliamentary elections to vote for someone who promised to establish peace in the country, and three days later forgot about it?” – rhetorically asked the MP.

According to him, the Ukrainians voted for Zelensky to get rid of Poroshenko.

“I also voted for Zelensky. But this time I will vote for our party. Even the Congress party before the second round of the presidential elections I said, you cannot support neither Zelensky nor Poroshenko, because their slogans will merge. But we were obliged to vote for Zelensky, to give the country a chance to get rid of Poroshenko,” continued the MP.

The politician is sure that only “the Opposition platform For life” can bring peace in the country.

“We go to Parliament with the world. I think that besides us no one else can install it. I hope that our political force will receive more than 50% of the votes. People Wake up, have been ill with this power. And realize that the world is in the hands of our party”, – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.