Rabinovich: the Basis for the revival of the country will be the pension program of the “Opposition platform For life”

Рабинович: Основой возрождения страны станет пенсионная программа «Оппозиционной платформы – За життя»

Prepared by the party “Opposition platform For life” retirement plan will be the basis for the revival of Ukraine

This broadcast political talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said MP and head of the aforementioned political forces Vadim Rabinovich.

“Me most in the current state system of Ukraine surprises and kills the situation with pensioners. Can you explain why: you can’t build a normal, developing country, if you have nothing to say to our children. After all, what can we say to our children, grandchildren? Work honestly as I, and old age will be poor, as I… is this normal? Because the basis for the revival of any country should be a retirement program. We in our party are giving this matter the highest priority. If the government stop stealing, to increase pensions in Ukraine is quite real”, – said the MP.

As an example he cited Ukraine’s neighbouring Poland, which, having even the worst “starter”, able to build the economy and ensure pensioners a decent payout.

“Our neighboring country – Poland. There’s nothing that we don’t have. Moreover – in many aspects the situation is much worse. This concerns both natural resources and human potential. You know what the pension is in Poland? The minimum is $ 460. All pensioners are entitled to free travel, discounts on medical services and much more,” – said the politician.

According to him, the only thing standing between the current – miserable – and prosperous Ukraine – the insatiable greed of politicians and officials of the current government.

“What’s wrong with our country happened that we can only dream about the pension, which exists in Belarus? Unless we had some kind of natural cataclysm? No! A gang of robbers in power for decades stolen what should go into the hands of the people! Power gives us the European rates, poverty wages, it kills every opportunity to survive. We just have to keep it in the parliamentary elections!” – said Vadim Rabinovich.