Quit two members of the national Commission: Volkov told about the pressure of lobbyists Kolomoisky on the Commission

Уволились два члена НКРЭКУ: Вовк рассказал о давлении лоббистов Коломойского на комиссию

Two members of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities, ahead of schedule resigned under pressure from lobbyist Kolomoisky Andrey Gerus.

According to “Apostrophe”, this was written by the former head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk in Facebook.

In his opinion, the members of the Regulator Oleksandr Formiga and Eugene Malevany declared intention to stop work in the national Commission after a meeting in the Office of the President in the presence of the head of the energy Committee of the Parliament Andrei Gerus, who, according to media reports, lobbying for the interests of the businessman Kolomoisky.

“The magic of the 1st 4 reception-floor Office of the President, in the presence of a representative of the Kolomoisky Andrei Gerus, leading to early resignation of two members of the Regulator… Now the number 1 in the country all the responsibility for the recovery operation; negotiations with Gazprom on the transit; the normal passage of the heating season. PS. from OP rumor has it — about a week ago similarly tried to intimidate members of the Regulator, two representatives of the oligarch — Koval and Gerus,” wrote Vovk.

The former head of the national Commission noticed that the reasons for the dismissal of these two members of the Commission not before the expiration of their term of office for four years and they are well cope with their responsibilities.

“View from a different angle. You are a member of the Commission and the magic in next: You have more than 4 years of office; You successfully cope with work; it is recognized by an independent organization. But suddenly resign to “allow the President to restart the on new people and ideas”… Or as friendly conversation, after which the decision is made not called. I’d like to see “new people and ideas executed by GE and the company,” wrote Vovk.

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October 8, members of the National Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities of Ukraine (NKREKU), Alexander Formiga and Eugene Malevany declared intention to stop work in the Commission.

The composition of the national Commission should consist of seven members, including the head of the regulator. After leaving Formage and Malevanova the Commission did not have a quorum — in addition to its head Oksana Krivenko, will be only two members of the Commission — Elena Antonova and Dmytro Kovalenko.