Queen Elizabeth broke with tradition for Meghan Markle: “to sacrifice everything”

Королева Елизавета нарушила все традиции из-за Меган Маркл: «пожертвовать всем»

Elizabeth II went almost a “crime” due to the wives of Prince Harry

The Queen of England broke Protocol, to please her beloved grandson.

As is known, with the American actress brought a mutual friend. It happened in the summer of 2016, and for almost a year, Harry and Megan announced that they were engaged. This was referred to in a new documentary Katie Nicholl “Meghan Markle: movies, marriage and motherhood,” writes RBC-Ukraine.

Королева Елизавета нарушила все традиции из-за Меган Маркл: «пожертвовать всем»

It turns out that from day to day the wedding was less than two years.

This surprised and displeased older brother Harry Prince William. He felt that UD all happening very rapidly, especially given how early Harry “pulled bagpipes” with his girls.

For example, with Chelsea Davy Prince Gary met seven years, and was introduced to a family a couple of years. Two years Harry was in a relationship with Cressida Bonas, which he did not bother to introduce anyone from their family.

As for Megan, she was brought before the clear eyes of Elizabeth after a few months of Dating. The film says that monarhine liked the actress and Elizabeth broke her Protocol was invited to a family celebration of Christmas.

Interestingly, the first Royal sister-in-law Kate Middleton received an invitation only after marriage with Prince William.

According to the author of the film, the Queen immediately felt how Meghan Markle loves her grandson.

“I was told, the Queen felt that Megan is prepared to sacrifice everything for her grandson — your career, personality, nationality, their home in Toronto. All in order to be with Harry. And decided that the least she could do is give her a warm welcome on Christmas,” said Katie Nicholl.

Королева Елизавета нарушила все традиции из-за Меган Маркл: «пожертвовать всем»

As previously reported, Elizabeth II has banned the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wearing some jewelry from her Royal collection

In particular, the publication notes that Queen Elizabeth was not too pleased whim Markle immediately after the wedding. That is what she forbade Megan to wear precious objects in the Royal collection, which previously belonged to Princess Diana.

“To be honest, the Queen is not impressed some of the requirements of Megan, especially as a new member of the family. Under this situation, the Queen has told Prince Harry that the objects from the Royal collection, worn by Princess Diana will not be disclosed to Megan,” said the insider.

Recall that Queen Elizabeth disgraced after an accident with Prince Philip: “ignored the laws.”

As reported Politeka, Queen Elizabeth II surprised the outfit, used the most fashionable color of the year 2019.

Also Politeka wrote that Queen Elizabeth II jumped on Meghan Markle because of the baby, rattles scandal.