Quebecers want to reinvest in education

parents-enfants-manifestent-devant-ecoleHuman chains around schools, organized in recent months were representative: 86% of the population believes that Quebec must stop budget cuts in schools and re-invest “massively” in education.

This is what emerges from a survey conducted Crop from 8 to 10 March at 1000 Francophone adults, which was commissioned by the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) and which The Associated Press obtained a copy.

“The cumulative non-investment has a direct impact on the parents’ side and the side of children. I think people saw, “summarized in an interview Tuesday, the president of the CSQ, Louise Chabot.

“The government has long denied that it had an impact, but we know that in real life, there are children on a list, there are parents who have children who need help and who are not using appropriate because of the lack of services, “she added.

The survey also found that the same proportion of Quebecers, 86%, think the Quebec government must develop an “emergency investment plan” to return to a safe level schools.

” It urges ”

Several reports have indeed reported mold in schools, leaking roofs and others.

” It urges; the message is clear, “said Ms. Chabot.

Similarly, 82% of respondents were concerned by the lack of professional resources for students with social maladjustments or learning disabled students.

“It’s really important. Unfortunately, I am not surprised the level of support. It means that the cries of alarm that launches on services for students with adjustment problems and learning disabled students, we see the direct effect. The job cuts in the past year (were) 250 education professionals, “noted Ms. Chabot’s, whose union represents precisely such professionals.

Similarly, 81% of respondents said they believe that further development of the college system.

Last Friday in Montreal, the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has pledged to give “a strong signal” in favor of education in the budget to be tabled on Thursday, but it is unclear the extent of these reinvestments. He particularly cited the school facilities and universities.

Crop the survey will be discussed precisely on the occasion of the appointment of education that holds the trade union, on Tuesday night and Wednesday in Montreal.

The CSQ has 200 000 members. It represents two thirds of preschool teachers, primary and secondary, in addition to educators and school support staff. It also represents workers in child and syndicated services in other sectors.

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