Quebecer in Duran Duran galaxy

stefan-leclair-avait-attire-attention(Quebec) Duran Duran The move to Quebec is an opportunity for the singer and musician Stefan LeClair to strengthen its ties with the group’s entourage. The artist from Quebec, which has already signed remix songs and a cover of the training, simmering indeed an album putting Anna Ross chorister contribution.

There are two years, Stefan Leclair had attracted attention with its version of Winter Marches On, a little-known piece of Duran Duran. The singer Simon Le Bon had enjoined Nile Rodgers (Chic) and bassist John Taylor to listen there, through Twitter. The group had then praised the work of Quebecers in his Facebook page: “We have heard many times, but never Winter Marches On, Stefan LeClair good job.”

The course is linked LeClair long to Duran Duran. In the late 90s, he signed remixes of the song Medazzaland, noticed by EMI Canada home. His achievements were made as to the group members Simon Le Bon and Warren Cuccurullo, guitarist at the time.

“Simon Le Bon had first tried to reach me and left me a message. He told me “I listened to the remix, it’s fantastic, I’m such a place, call me!” I met him later in Montreal. ”

These remixes were to meet in addition to a simple Duran Duran, or the group had then broken with his record company and its management team. Still, LeClair was entitled to an entry in the encyclopedia Wikia fans devoted to Duran Duran, so saxophonist Stan Harrison, who worked with the British, but also David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg and Radiohead, has noticed her creations. Sewing up, the two men met to record remote parts, which will be part of the solo album that the musician has come out in late 2016 or early in 2017. Harrison has also LeClair in contact with trumpeter Curt Ramm (Prince, Elton John, Nile Rodgers), which led, once again, to remote collaborations.

A project with Anna Ross

To this was added the meeting, initially virtual, with vocalist Anna Ross, who will sing the simple as LeClair plans to launch a few months. He was looking for a female voice for one of his songs and an approach was made. Complicity was confirmed when Stefan met Anna when Duran Duran in Montreal in the spring.

“She had heard Winter Marches On, I knew she was working on an album and I approached her. I’ll do a cover of Prince and she will sing it too. now talk to compose together, we talked about it this week for a future project … ”

Do not look for Stefan LeClair Friday night, it will be on the Plains of Abraham to see the spectacle of Duran Duran and, most likely, spend time behind the scenes …

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