Quebec will test the dermoskeleton B-Temia

(Quebec) Quebec City wants to serve as a launching pad to another seedling technology of its territory.
Over the next two years, police officers and firefighters from Quebec will experience a dermoskeleton out the laboratories of the company B-Temia the Quebec Metro High Tech Park.

The Labeaume administration has signed an agreement with B-Temia for evaluation of this support device mobility.

This is a project estimated at $ 407,000. The company founded and headed by Stéphane Bédard will invest $ 107,000 and the City of Quebec agrees to pay a sum not exceeding $ 300,000.

This intervention with a young promising company in the capital is part of the technology showcase program of the City of Quebec, one of the pillars of its economic development strategy.

The project with B-Temia is the 21st accepted by the City of Quebec. Six more are under consideration, said Sun spokesman David O’Brien. “The 21 projects approved, with a total cost of $ 5.9 million, have been supported by the City in the amount of $ 3.5 million.”

“The project allows a technology company to benefit from the municipal government operations to promote technology market,” argues the city in a decision summary.

“The dermoskeleton will be assessed for his role as assistant to difficult tasks as transporting loads and sustained efforts.”

The device is worn over the uniform of its users and protects against back injuries and knee caused by equipment overload it must often carry a long distance.

A godsend

B-Temia board on its dermoskeleton since 2010. The company has developed in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces. It is also tested with the US and European military.

“This is the first time we will conduct a demonstration project with police and firefighters,” said Stéphane Bédard, the very man who had invented the “bionic leg” in the last few years.

Parallel to the development of industrial version of its dermoskeleton, B-Temia marketed in recent years, a medical product, Keeogo, a power assist device for patients whose mobility is reduced due to a medical condition.

Stéphane Bédard, the boost from Quebec City is the long awaited springboard for his company.

Money to develop a technological discovery, an entrepreneur always ends up finding. “When arrive to the commercialization phase, money is scarce.”

This is why a demonstration project in a simulated real environment like the one offered by the City of Quebec is a godsend. The young company can test its technology and then go knock on the door of its customers to demonstrate all its capabilities.

“It’s good for the image of the City of Quebec. It shows that she values ​​the most innovative technologies before they reach the market, “explains Stéphane Bédard.

B-Temia provides a livelihood for about twenty people.

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