Quebec will miss its target of Family Physicians believes the PQ

ministre-sante-gaetan-barrette-promisThe Parti Quebecois says the government is likely to miss its target of citizens with family doctors by the end of 2017 and concluded already in failure.

The party supports its conclusions on any information written by the Quebec Federation of General Practitioners (FMOQ).

The Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, promised that 85% of Quebecers have a family doctor by 2018. The target is provided in Law 20.

During a press conference Wednesday morning, the spokesman of the official opposition health, Diane Lamarre, said that only 5.8 million Quebecers currently have a family doctor.

This means that 2.2 million Quebecers do not.

The Minister must therefore find ways to still score a million Quebecers if he wants to reach its target of 2017, she said.

This is unlikely to happen, the Parti Québécois MP advance, based on the findings of the FMOQ. If all residents who will graduate take the maximum number of patients, there will be 700 000 Quebecers below the target.

The objective of the Minister in the Law 20 also covers attendance, she recalls. It envisages that patients can see their family doctor 80% of the time – four out of five times – so that those who are lucky to have one do not go clog emergencies.

These attendance rate must be included in quarterly reports. Ms. Lamarre said it requested the Minister of Health, but not having achieved.

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