Quebec Games: 8th place … or better!

chef-mission-gabrielle-lebel-porte(SHERBROOKE) No matter for the Estrie delegation to aim below the 8th rank, position obtained during the last Summer Games in Quebec in 2014. This time the Estriens would do as much or more.

“The goal is feasible, provides chief Gabrielle Lebel mission. Several participants are not at their first Games. Our troops have more experience and we sent many athletes in 16 different disciplines, but not riding and slow ball. While our teams are not all complete, we send so many athletes in 2014. ”

On Sunday, the 215 athletes, 54 coaches, 23 coaches and 15 missionaries in the area will turn the road to Montreal to defend the colors of the Eastern Townships. All this on the occasion of the 51st Finals of the Quebec Games. The youth of the second contingent will go there Thursday, July 21 with the same hope: performer while having fun.

If everyone hopes to put shoulder to the wheel to allow the Estrie delegation to achieve its goal, some athletes are more likely than others to get on the podium. This is also the case of flagship William Côté, who will be making his fourth Games experience.

This time it is a mountain bike that he will attempt to make his mark after speed skating and road cycling. The goal: add medals to his collection which already has five.

“It’s as flag bearer I present myself to Montreal. I’m very proud because I was hoping to get that role last year in Drummondville. I was disappointed not to have received this title. This is the icing on the cake because it will be my last Games of Quebec. When I was young, I never thought participate in this event four times. I try to be a role model for younger being a good captain, “said the rider of 15 years inspiring journey.

Lafrenaye-Dugas Ambassador

Even the flagship will have a mentor who will accompany him through estriens missionaries at the scene and at the regional ambassador, Marc-Antoine thrower Lafrenaye-Dugas who will attend the appointment.

“Young people should have fun first and foremost. I lived the competition several times and there are not the benefits that count. Yes, it’s important medals. But it is mainly a sports festival. To persevere, we must have fun and not be destroyed by stress, “commented the veteran athlete a few hours after returning from Edmonton, where the Canadian Track and Field Championships took place.

The team primarily

One might think that each athlete will try to climb on the podium by pure personal satisfaction. But the Quebec Games, it’s even more than that.

“We form a team, says William Cote. We do not really win medals for us. We do it for the Estrie region. For our region gets the best ranking. It’s an extra motivation. Everyone supports everyone with encouragement. The atmosphere is really special and younger live this frenzy that is simply unique. ”

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