Quebec does not slow down the pace for the Northern Plan: $ 66.75 million spent in Sept-Iles

etat-mis-main-actifs-cliffs(Sept-Iles) The downward cycle of natural resources does not slow Quebec is working to get back on track strategic infrastructure of Pointe-Noire, its new acquisition, paid $ 66.75 million.

Twenty workers are hard at work to upgrade the assets left by Cliffs Natural Resources and redeemed by the state in March, in the legal liquidation of the mining. “The goal is that the equipment is available and operational by the end of summer,” confirmed to the Sun, the CEO of the Société du Plan Nord, Robert Sauvé.

“There are plenty of projects that are emerging on the territory of Pointe-Noire and we are seeing how we can enable things,” he said. “We want as quickly as possible to be able to receive customers and transshipping the ore or other products (…) to be ready to operate.”

If, in the economic context, the producers are not lining up at the door to borrowing facilities, only up to reach the port of Sept-Îles, it’s time, then, “well plan things and make Plans needed to eventually ensure the growth of the then infrastructure, “assured Mr. Sauvé.

Search for partners

Still, the Société du Plan Nord board “intensely” on the business model of the new rail and port Company of Pointe-Noire, the Partnership created as a result of the purchase of assets by Investissement Québec. The state seeks to establish partnerships with private players, future users.

“We are in discussions and it continues regularly,” said Sauve. But impossible for the time to inquire about the progress of the talks. The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Arcand, however, has already stated in our pages that Quebec discussed among others, Tata Steel Minerals Canada, which operates an iron deposit near Schefferville.

Champion Iron Limited, which comes to acquire the Bloom Lake mine, also confirmed the Journal’s interest to become user installations and to work on this with the government. “What we want is a partnership that will seriously and will consist of users of the infrastructure,” summarized Mr. Sauvé.

Ensure access

Quebec got its hands on the Cliffs of assets to prevent a private company does not compromise access to Pointe-Noire, key sector of the Plan Nord. Before the termination of operations, Cliffs challenged the use of the Arnaud Railway, the only one reaching new multi-user dock of the Port of Sept-Îles, 50% paid by mining.

For the Société du Plan Nord, it is already clear that the state will “always means to have a say” in the Partnership. “We will certainly remain a sponsor or an important partner because we want the equipment remains multiuser, open to all projects,” says the CEO.

Investissement Québec is still the owner of the limited partnership, but it is expected that the Plan Nord Company becomes the mining with other players.

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