Quebec: a climate bomb

1217170In its new energy policy, Quebec mainly on natural gas development to “ensure the energy transition,” according to its promotional terms. However, measures of reports on emissions in the United States confirms that natural gas is a climate bomb.

Natural gas, liquefied or not, consists mainly of methane, a greenhouse gas (GHG) 34 times more damaging than CO2 over a period of 100 years and 86 times more damaging over 20 years.

A report from the US Department of Energy estimates that furtive emissions during production and leakage in the distribution of natural gas is on average 1.5%. But the actual measurements for a study in 2013 demonstrated to be at least double and may even reach five times that value in operating and shale gas production areas.

The field measurements show that the leakage reach 7% over the cycle and this percentage increases with the volume of gas. These methane leaks are sufficient to cancel the climate benefit of lower emissions during combustion of natural gas.

The analysis also mentions a European study demonstrating that the natural gas liquefaction and transport are energy-intensive processes contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions. These studies conclude that shale gas and liquefied natural gas are very bad solutions to reduce GHG emissions.

The Quebec government has never taken so many bad decisions since scientific facts on climate change in the news. The atmospheric CO2 concentration will not soon come down again below 400 ppm.

Politicians dare to even allow the greatest industrial slump of our time by allowing hydraulic fracturing on his best territory: Anticosti! (…).

The policy has fallen to the lowest of his mediocrity. Slave development and deaf to science, it is no longer an ordinary respirator in an economy killing the planet and its inhabitants. (…).

Stephane Brousseau – Research Director

BSc Geology

Researcher Anthropocene

IRASD – Institute for Research on sustainable architecture company

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