“Quarter 95” tried to: it became known who Zelensky writes the speech

«Квартал 95» постарался: стало известно, кто Зеленскому пишет речи

From Zelensky has unveiled one of the important informations

It became known that this important matter has been sufficiently” narrow range of creative people.”

The Deputy head of the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky Yury Kostyuk admitted, who writes the speech President Vladimir Zelensky. He noted that there are certain people from among his close associates, writes Gromadska.

«Квартал 95» постарался: стало известно, кто Зеленскому пишет речи

For example, he Kostyuk helps to write. “I will help. We have such a narrow range of creative people,” he said.

The official also added That the main writer is myself Zelensky.

Also, according to the Deputy head of President’s Office, all relevant speech will be discussed. “We have no such scheme, I came, brought three pages of text, and the President is just read and then said. Key important large-scale circulation, if it is not spontaneous – are discussed,” – said Kostiuk.

For example, jointly wrote an appeal to the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin. Also shared the efforts were focused on the writing of the speech Zelensky said at the inauguration.

Still, says the official, himself Zelensky making a lot of offers.

“We have Sergei Shafir, who worked in the “Kvartal 95”, I, who worked in the “Kvartal 95″. Often we are discussing certain things, and then formed”, – clarified he.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky refused to allow Russian state Agency “RIA Novosti” in an interview. As the reason of refusal stated employment Zelensky and his busy schedule.

“The office of the President of Ukraine grateful for your request. Unfortunately, in connection with a busy schedule of President Vladimir Zelensky to schedule interviews while it is impossible”, — quotes the answer of the Office edition.

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«Квартал 95» постарался: стало известно, кто Зеленскому пишет речи

Recall that Zelenski can negotiate with the head of Russia Vladimir Putin solely on the complete surrender of Ukraine, because the whole Minsk process – the ordinary simulation. So says writer and journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

“Commentators on the resignation of the Immortal Novel of the Minsk contact group somehow do not remember that Vladimir Zelensky is not the first President of Ukraine, which took this decision. The first was Petro Poroshenko. In the decision of Poroshenko, as in the decision Zelensky, had its own logic,” he writes.

According to Portnikov, the Minsk process has a purely imitative in nature.

Recall that the similarity Zelensky and trump impressed the experts.

Also Politeka wrote that became known, why Zelensky need Trump.

And Politeka reported that the Ukrainian Putin’s dream collapsed, a contract with trump was doomed.