Quarter 95 found a replacement Zelensky: Mishka for the first time revealed the truth, impressive video

Квартал 95 нашел замену Зеленскому: Кошевой впервые раскрыл правду, впечатляющее видео

Studio Kvartal 95 have chosen parodist on the role of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky shows Evening Quarter

Candidate voiced Eugene Mishka in an interview with Know.Yua

According to him, the place Zelensky is a former member of the Duo Schumacher Brothers Yuri Great.

“So, another new actor will be a parodist finally, Vladimir Zelensky. Found, and you know it. We’re in the homestretch of choice is likely to be Yuri the Great, was one of the brothers Schumacher. As you know, one went very far. Who exactly is to parody Vova — you will learn in Odessa, August 13, at our concert. Of course, the role of first lady remains for Elena Kravets,” said Mishka.

By the way, by the Great showed on his page in Instagram the process of transformation in Zelensky – he wore a wig with hair in the style of the President, and it is similar voice hoarsely commented on the result.

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Finally got a haircut… something with me is not something 🤔 #Olivelike #Velikieluki #kluchevskoye

A post shared by Yuri the Great (@yuri_velikiy) on Aug 2, 2019 at 7:15am PDT

Studio “Quarter-95” has intrigued fans with an unexpected guest who will join the artists on their future concert in Odessa.

On the official project page in Instagram has a new video in which the actors announce their upcoming concert in Odessa, scheduled for August 13.

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The footage stars “Evening Quarter” Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Yuri Crappie and Stepan Kazanin discuss preparing for the future concert, when suddenly over someone exclaims “wih” distinctive voice hoarsely.

“Well, what are you doing here?”, — surprised Mishka.

“Rehearsing for the concert in Odessa,” answers the voice.

On the question of Kosh, whether it is in the Odessa area, the voice says: “Well and how without me?”

Квартал 95 нашел замену Зеленскому: Кошевой впервые раскрыл правду, впечатляющее видео

Recall, Kravets Quarter 95 killed candid photos.

As reported Politeka, Mishka Quarter 95 appealed to Ukrainians and were stunned by the strange behavior.

Also Politeka wrote that Mishka and Krawiec staged a brilliant show in Odessa.