QMJHL entry draft: the year of safe bets

benoit-olivier-groulx-intrepide-gatineauSaturday in Charlottetown, the 18 formations of the QMJHL will be full of players born in 2000 in the entry draft QMJHL.

In a half-dozen recruiters interviewed by Le Droit, there would be no super-star in this vintage, but there will still great talents in the first round of the draft followed by a nice depth in the next round . The 2000 vintage should offer a half-dozen elite defenders in the QMJHL, and a trio of guards filled with promise.

Topping the list include the Gatineau-Olivier Benoît Groulx, a “player of occasions,” according to the director of recruitment Danny Corneau, Chicoutimi Chicoutimi. “The goal in overtime, it is he who will go for thee,” he said.

The cream of the crop

Director of Support Centre recruitment QMJHL Carl Bouchard also placed forward of the Gatineau Intrepid at the top of his list. “It represents the repechage cream defenseman Jared McIsaac and Olivier Rodrigue keeper. Joe Veleno was also born in 2000. He was the outstanding player in the draft, but it got the status to play in our league this year. ”

“It is already highly rated across Canada. At the same time, I would say there are five to seven guards are not far behind. They will not be the stars at 16, but it is sure that they will play in the league. ”

Alain Préfontaine, head of the repechage for the Sherbrooke Phoenix, even think that there may be three guards drafted in the first round this year. This scenario was not often in the QMJHL recently. He added that the best defenders in the draft are very attractive. “McIsaac, Jeremy Bucheler, Noah Dobson, Xavier Xavier Bouchard and Bernard are all over six feet and in general they really skate well. It will take defenders early because it will be more quiet in this position afterwards. I see five defenders out in the first round. ”

In two times

In his book, Préfontaine divided the first round three.

“There is a distinction between players 1 to 6, 7 to 12 and 13 to 18. In my view, Benoît Groulx-Olivier, Olivier Rodrigue and Jared McIsaac are tailored to playing with Junior Team Canada one day. There are several similar players after the first round. From the fifth round, there may be surprises. Recruiters will go by feel. ”

In the head of Jacques Carrière, the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, everything is clear. “Four players really stand out from the crowd. Two attackers. A guard and a defender. ”

This would be a second striker Gabriel Fortier, the Lions du Lac St-Louis.

After? “There is depth in this draft, especially in the Maritimes, which is interesting for a team like ours. We were spoiled with the defenders in the last two or three years and I think that attackers will come back in force in this draft.

If there is one thing that recruiters dread for the day Saturday, it is eternity that could take the first round. Four teams share including 10 choices in the first round. Halifax and Baie-Comeau have three selections. Cape Breton and Drummondville have two.

“It will play yo-yo because their choices will be coveted. Teams will want to advance or retreat. I hope that trade will be signed the day before, “Danny laughed Corneau.

“A difficult year” for the Outaouais

“After selecting Benoît Groulx-Olivier, you’ll be drinking a large smoothie, eat hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts and rest.”

Thus Danny Corneau, director of recruitment Chicoutimi Saguenéens, responded Right when we asked him his opinion of the second player to be drafted from the Outaouais Saturday.

On the final list of hopefuls recruitment Support Centre (RSC) of the QMJHL, no other player in the region has been classified in the first 12 rounds of the draft. “It was a difficult year for your area. After Groulx, there will surely be no other players drafted in the first five rounds, but next year, you will have another very good, “said Carl Bouchard, Director of CSR.

He was talking about Xavier Simoneau, who amassed 43 points in 32 games at the age of 14 years in the Quebec Midget AAA League this year. Danny Corneau provides for its part that Simoneau will be part of a very select group at the 2017 session with Xavier Samuel Parent and Poulin, the three outstanding 14-year Midget AAA league in 2015-2016.

Meanwhile the hope of the Petite-Nation, Alain Préfontaine, the Sherbrooke Phoenix, said he liked the playoffs Jeremy D’Auray, a burly reminded by the Intrepid juvenile team of Nicolas-Gatineau versatile . “He scored big goals,” he said of the player born in 1999. Prefontaine also sees a club to try his luck with Nicolas Sauvé, the only other player in 15 years to the Intrepid this season.

The problem is that it is “listed” at 1.63 m (5 ‘4 “).” This is a player who can be nice to pick up later in the draft, “adds Danny Corneau.

Jacques Carrière, Screaming Eagles, takes the analysis a little further. “I like him a lot as a player. He plays with more aggressiveness Philippe Sanche Armada. He’s a warrior. He blocked the mass shooting in the playoffs. He is not afraid of traffic. It is not yet ready for the QMJHL, but he will be drafted, for sure. ”

At the Olympics, the recruiter Christian Caron was convinced that Sauvé was able to make his way despite his size. “He has a good sense of the game. He’s a good player. He deserves a chance. ”

Other native players in the region that have been mentioned by recruiters, note the names of Alexandre Gagnon, Mathieu Cloutier and Robert Mochi.

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