Pyrrhotite: the work can begin

eric-baril-commence-travaux(Trois-Rivieres) With funding of $ 5 million announced by the provincial government last week, some owners affected by pyrrhotite were finally able to undertake the replacement of their foundation. After months of immobility in the contaminated concrete case, relief is palpable among the victims. This is the case, among others, Eric Baril who did not hesitate a second to take his body to destroy the foundations of his house.

On June 30, the City of Trois-Rivières met the owners victims of pyrrhotite to announce that the Provincial had transferred the funds. Consequently, the properties were visited by inspectors during the day Monday. The case “urgent” could then begin their renovations.

Eric Baril had its application for assistance there a year and a half. Or, like many others, he ran into a fund to assist victims dry. After months of waiting that gives him the money and permissions required for the work, it is finally on Tuesday it received its building permit. So he wasted no time. Given the deplorable state of the concrete, it was clear that the work was important. “We will have to stabilize the house, then rise. Then it will tear the contaminated concrete before re foundations, “said Baril.

Several expertise will be needed to correct the situation.

If Mr. Baril himself assumes the tasks related to the construction, he has had to use a formwork companies to deal with foundations and specialized company to raise his house.

Although the victims of pyrrhotite can be put to work, another obstacle could stand in their way: the construction holiday. It remains in effect shortly before that entrepreneurs take leave. Deadlines are tight for individuals who want to do their jobs before the construction industry parte rest.

On the other hand, it is unthinkable to raise properties and leave them abandoned for two weeks. So time is running out. In this regard, Eric Baril has the advantage of not having lost time. “They told me that the house would be stale for the holidays,” he said.

For his part, Alain Gelinas, President of the Coalition to help victims of pyrrhotite, fears that the situation because of the delay in the work. “With the construction holiday, it could be that most of the work will be done until August. Or, in this way, there would be only three months to complete the whole [before the cold weather arrives], “he says.

Speaking of holidays, the question of course work in hosting may seem disturbing to victims.

Éric Baril, the solution was in the summer recess. “It is possible to stay at home during the work, but there are many associated costs. This includes access to install a home, a temporary sewer and water inputs. Instead, I decided to rent a campsite. So my family can enjoy the beach, and I can take care of the work by traveling day and night, “he says.

Meanwhile the federal
On the aid promised by the federal government, the Coalition for victims of pyrrhotite awaits news impatiently. Alain Gélinas also shows confidence in this regard. “The amount was transferred to Quebec, he would surely some signatures. You know what it is, bureaucracy! ”

Recall that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had pledged $ 30 million over three years to help the victims of pyrrhotite.

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