Pyrrhotite extra help Quebec?

victimes-pyrrhotite-pourraient-avoir-bonne(Trois-Rivieres) While the victims of pyrrhotite waiting resolutely financial assistance from Ottawa, rather it is the provincial government will announce their good news Monday. It seems that Quebec will add his two cents by enhancing the offer of federal.

Depending on what T Nouvelliste learned, this announcement would have nothing to do with the $ 30 million over three years granted by the Trudeau government. This sum, victims of pyrrhotite waiting impatiently for months.

Could it be that the Quebec government an amount for victims of pyrrhotite while there was no provision for them in the last budget the Minister of Finance? If this is the case, this financial assistance would put a balm on the distress many homeowners to the brink.

For seven years, the provincial government made two aid payments, at $ 15 million each, for a total of $ 30 million. Ottawa, meanwhile, remained idly until the first Trudeau government budget in March, has provided this funding of $ 30 million over three years.

It seems that it is only a matter of days before the assistance is being made available. The amount has actually been transferred to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to the Quebec Housing Corporation at the beginning of June. Some administrative details remain to adjust to refine the agreement. The announcement should be made shortly.

Recall that the owners were afraid to miss the construction season because we were slow to get into the hands of the Quebec Housing Corporation, to the chagrin of Alain Gélinas, President of the Coalition of Victims pyrrhotite (CAVP). The latter would have liked Quebec advance money to the owners in the spring knowing that the federal government had already promised amount.

In the City of Trois-Rivieres, over 180 pyrrhotite files that are open and which may be settled as soon as the money will be paid by the government.

The president of the CAVP however, is not so optimistic. It seems that despite the imminent availability of this funding, the work can not be set in motion immediately. Indeed, the bids met last year are no longer valid and need to be refilled. A process of about two weeks.

It is likely in mid-July that excavators should begin to activate. So far, these are approximately 170 houses are repaired each year.

Last February, Alain Gelinas advanced that $ 600 million would be needed to compensate victims of this scourge at the residential level.

About 4,000 homes were built with pyrrhotite in the Mauricie and the amount to pay for repairs hovers around $ 185,000 per home.

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