Putin’s thugs went to the meanness in the Donbas: “fired and…”, disturbing news from OOS

Головорезы Путина пошли на подлость на Донбассе: "обстреляли и...", тревожные новости из ООС

Fighters fired at the drone of the OSCE mission in the area of breeding

In the area of cultivation of the forces and means at the settlement Petrovskoye on Donbass on Saturday, October 26, terrorists fired at the drone of the OSCE mission. As reported Politeka.net about it informs the press service of Operations of the combined forces on the page in Facebook.

Gunmen opened fire from small arms, so the drone had landed. The injuries he received.

Головорезы Путина пошли на подлость на Донбассе: "обстреляли и...", тревожные новости из ООС

“Russian occupation troops regularly open fire on unmanned aerial vehicles Mission and counteract the work of such devices by means of radio-electronic struggle. This indicates the attempt of the enemy to avoid detection by the representatives of international organizations of the weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, and other violations. At the same time, the enemy will often try to blame their actions of the Ukrainian side”, – reported OOS.

In turn, the Ukrainian military successfully perform the task of deterring Russian aggression.

Recall that the occupying forces “L/DNR” continue to disrupt the ceasefire, firing positions APU with a variety of weapons. About it informs the press center of the headquarters of the cabs Facebook

According to our military, the Kremlin-controlled terrorist forces “L/DNR” for the last days 12 times violated the ceasefire.

Головорезы Путина пошли на подлость на Донбассе: "обстреляли и...", тревожные новости из ООС

Russia will lose Kaliningrad, Putin gave a powerful slap in the face: “two weeks”
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It is known that the enemy was beaten on the positions of Ukrainian troops from APCS, grenade launchers of various systems and small arms. The majority of attacks, namely 9, was recorded in the area of responsibility Vostok: near Bogdanovka from the direction of Petrovsky – from small arms; at Water on the sea of Azov – from hand-held antitank grenade launchers; near Pavlopol, of the Food and Nevel – from heavy machine guns; near the Sands of grenade launchers of different systems and small arms; near Avdeevka – from manual anti-tank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns; near Novomikhailovka – from small arms and grenade launchers; near Nice – from small arms, heavy machine guns including automatic grenade launchers.

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Головорезы Путина пошли на подлость на Донбассе: "обстреляли и...", тревожные новости из ООС

Three more enemy attacks were reported in the area of responsibility North: near the Crimean with weapons BMP-1, automatic grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and other small arms; near Gold-4 – from the automatic easel grenade launchers; near Walnut – with automatic grenade launchers and small arms, in particular heavy machine guns.

We will remind, Russia pulled to the border with Ukraine record number of military vehicles

As reported Politeka, fighters brutalized: large losses

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian tank came into battle with us what happened, fight footage.