Putin’s thugs are running from the Donbas: “it was Necessary to urgently leave…”, footage is leaked to the network

Головорезы Путина бегут с Донбасса: «Пришлось экстренно покинуть…», кадры слили в сеть

In the Internet appeared the photo, as the thugs of Russian President Vladimir Putin fled from Donbass to the new “work”

This is stated in the investigation Conflict Intelligence Team.

“In one of the Pro-Kremlin telegram channels has a video in which the truck can be seen Russian-made Ural-4320. About 10 seconds into the video you hear the phrase “go to aja… Agabey” — probably refers to the town of Ajdabiya controlled by the forces of the Haftarot and located almost 700 miles from the front line”, — stated in the message. Головорезы Путина бегут с Донбасса: «Пришлось экстренно покинуть…», кадры слили в сеть

It is clarified that the same day there was evidence that Russian mercenaries are present on the front line in Libya on the 25th of September in the social network there was a video shot on a drone. It depicts a bombing of positions of the LDF in the area of Tripoli international airport, controlled by the Haftarot. At around 2:20 in the video appears parked near a building, fire truck, reminiscent of previously mentioned “Ural” “PMC Wagner.”

Moreover, the journalists managed to identify one of the gunmen.

“One of the published video demonstrates Bank card where you can make out the name: VADIM BEKSHENEV. By this name we were able to find in the social network Vkontakte multiple profiles Vadim Beksheneva, two of them in the photos depicted the same person as in the photos with the phone shown on video”, — underlined in the text.

Головорезы Путина бегут с Донбасса: «Пришлось экстренно покинуть…», кадры слили в сеть

As previously reported, Putin’s military were ambushed, reports the Ministry of defense of the aggressor.

They were attacked by the terrorists when they returned to the car, allegedly after the delivery of humanitarian aid. First about the fate of our soldiers was not known, but then it appeared that they died.

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The defense Ministry, reports that, of course, brave soldiers in the result of a special operation to eliminate as many as 30 militants, which could be involved in the death of their colleagues.

According to official data, in Syria in 2015 killed more than a hundred Russian soldiers.

Repeatedly there were reports that fighting in Syria and Russian mercenaries from the PMC “Wagner”. How many of them died unknown. Russia categorically denied the presence of mercenaries in a foreign country.

Головорезы Путина бегут с Донбасса: «Пришлось экстренно покинуть…», кадры слили в сеть

Recall that trump said of the victory over ISIS and the withdrawal of troops from Syria.

As reported Politeka, Israel is preparing for military conflict with Russia: “direct confrontation”.

Also Politeka wrote that in the United States said, as Russia tried to hide a chemical attack in Syria.