Putin’s days are numbered, the Kremlin has come an unexpected problem: the data will be hide

Дни Путина сочтены, в Кремль пришла неожиданная беда: эти данные будут скрывать

In Russia conducted a survey about whether they want citizens to see the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin in power after his term in 2024

So, 54% of Russians would like Putin to remain President of Russia, 38% do not want it, another 8% were undecided. About this “Vedomosti” with reference to the survey “Levada-center”.

The proportion of respondents who chose the answer “People hope that Putin will continue to be able to cope with the problems of the country”, was 24% — the lowest since 2001. At the same time the share of those who trust Putin explains the lack of alternatives was 43% — the highest since 2001.

Дни Путина сочтены, в Кремль пришла неожиданная беда: эти данные будут скрывать

The electoral rating of Putin, these differences are affected – after a sharp decline in June 2018 because of the pension reform it is stable: 40% of all respondents or 54% are ready to vote.

Putin was elected for a fourth presidential term in March 2018. According to the Constitution, he is not entitled to run for the next election in 2024. However, the media wrote that in the Kremlin to discuss different options on how Putin could remain in power.

In 2018 to leave Putin in the Kremlin after 2024 wanted 51% of respondents “Levada-center”, spoke out against 27% of respondents.

Also this year, a survey was conducted among Russians about whether the policy vector leads to the Kremlin. The majority of Russian respondents (45%) stated that their country is moving in the wrong direction. Another 42% continue to believe that the course of development chosen correctly, and 13% were undecided.

Дни Путина сочтены, в Кремль пришла неожиданная беда: эти данные будут скрывать

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Last time in Russia, the number dissatisfied with the situation in the country exceeded the number approving was back in 2006. Then, the development path of the country believed that it was wrong 48% of the population, while the opposite opinion is shared by 34%. In 2007, the figures were 37% and 46%, respectively.

However, despite the mass disapproval of the course of the country, the majority of Russians (64%) continues to endorse the work of President Vladimir Putin. About disapproval of his actions was declared by 34% of respondents. While Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are far worse off: his job approval at only 33% of Russians, and dissatisfaction expressed at 66%.

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