Putin’s aircraft bombed the peaceful city, many victims: the details of the tragedy

Авиация Путина разбомбила мирные города, много жертв: подробности трагедии

Civilians were victims of the cynical orders of the military command of the Russian Federation

This writes the news Agency Anadolu

It is noted that Putin’s cynical aircraft fired at settlements, which are located in the area of de-escalation of tensions.

Авиация Путина разбомбила мирные города, много жертв: подробности трагедии

As is known, aircraft of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation, which are directly subordinated to President Vladimir Putin, launched an airstrike in Idlib province, located in the North-West of the Syrian Republic.

According to journalists, the cynical result of an air strike killed five civilians. It is known that Putin’s aircraft before the attack took to the air from the base of “Hamim” in the province of Lazkiye (Syria), which is controlled by the government forces of Bashar al-Assad.

As told sources in the Office of civil defense of Syria (the movement of the “White Helmets”), Russian planes carried out air strikes on civilian villages Kawkaba and El-Faqih in the South of Idlib and the village Amkie in the West of the province of Hama.

It should also be recalled that the region, which was cynically shelled by aircraft of VC of the Russian Federation, located in the demilitarized zone, the establishment of which in the autumn of 2018 was agreed by the presidents of Turkey and Russia.

Авиация Путина разбомбила мирные города, много жертв: подробности трагедии

Previously, we reported that the 19-year-old boy staged a massacre in the synagogue on the eve of Easter. It is reported that the shooter came to the synagogue with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, it was also a flak jacket and helmet, and his victims were 60-year-old woman. Injured the Rabbi, a man and two little girls, one of which wounded a person.

For a couple of hours before the attack the shooter, calling himself John Ernest, published online Manifesto. which referred to the murder of Jews. Ernest wrote about the planning of the attack and referred to other attacks on houses of worship, including a synagogue of the Tree of Life in Pittsburgh, as well as the shooting of a mosque in New Zealand.

We will remind that the bus with people shot near Kharkov.

As reported Politeka, family was shot in his own apartment.

Also Politeka wrote, the Ukrainian businessman was shot from a machine in the river: “staged a real massacre”.