Putin would kill millions of Russians, the trouble is very close to: emergency appeal

Путин угробит миллионы россиян, беда очень близко: экстренное обращение

Cancer will cause the death of an increasing number of Russians from-for unwillingness of the government to buy the necessary medicines and equipment

Mortality from oncological diseases in Russia will soon increase by 20-30%. In an interview with Russian media said the Director of the Institute of Hematology, immunology and cellular technologies, doctor of medical Sciences Alexey Maschan.

He noted that today the situation with provision of medicines of patients with lymphoblastic and myeloid extremely unfavorable. According to him, this applies not only to expensive drugs used in supportive therapy, but also about “the simplest means”.

Путин угробит миллионы россиян, беда очень близко: экстренное обращение

“Started to disappear medications that are daily Essentials for patients,” said Maschan.

The doctor noted that in place of such drugs come unchecked in clinical trials for drugs. Thus, physicians often do not understand how to treat patients.

The only solution Maschan sees the repeal of all laws that hinder Western manufacturers to enter the Russian market. Director of the Institute of Hematology, said that the domestic pharmaceutical companies can not cover the entire need for the drugs.

Путин угробит миллионы россиян, беда очень близко: экстренное обращение

In turn, the Deputy chief doctor of a Moscow clinic, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that Masciana. He noted that in cancer patients begins to miss not only effective drugs but also quality equipment.

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Thus, the reluctance of the authorities to buy appropriate equipment in the West could lead to numerous victims.

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