Putin will soon end: the Russians took to the streets, ready to shoot

Путину скоро конец: россияне вышли на улицы, готовы стрелять

The Russian leadership understand that they will swing public dissatisfaction with the planting of the people before local elections in Russia, but for fear of losing power go for it

This opinion was expressed by the former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev, writes “Apostrophe”. He predicted that such actions will lead to the fact that the streets would be a cruel slaughter.

As you know, on Sunday, September 8, in 12 regions of Russia held elections to the legislative assemblies and the regional Duma. In Moscow the elections were not made about two dozen independent candidates. It became the reason of mass protests that continued in the capital of Russia more than fifteen months.

Путину скоро конец: россияне вышли на улицы, готовы стрелять

The protests have been detained more than 5 thousand people, and 5 people received 3-4 years in prison for harming a police officer (for example, touched the helmet, grabbed his hand, threw it at the direction of law enforcement the box). Law enforcement officers rigidly dispersed meetings, beating participants.

“As for landings, it is all very unfortunate. The results of the Moscow elections show that the authorities chose the lesser of two evils. They understand that they will swing public discontent. But if they don’t put those people who was any alternative, it will be much worse, because they will get to the Moscow city Duma. Why was such harsh actions against protesters,” he says.

According to Ponomarev, people were sent to the colony for the usual touch to the helmet police or brush grip of law enforcement.

“These tough decisions were taken in order to avoid the events in Ukraine. Want to put a barrier for resistance to police officers — first touched, then punched, and then the valve. In Ukraine, initially, was not such a hard barrier,” he added.

Ponomarev noted that the current government of the Russian Federation for its hard force can provoke the protesters into the use of firearms.

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Путину скоро конец: россияне вышли на улицы, готовы стрелять

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