Putin will leave the Kremlin, the issue has been resolved: announced the name of the successor

Путин уйдет из Кремля, вопрос уже решен: озвучено имя преемника

It became known, would resign, the President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin

A similar opinion was voiced by the Russian writer and opposition leader Dmitry Bykov, reports Echo of Moscow.

According to him, in the near future Vladimir Putin will be forced to abdicate power in the Kremlin and pass it on to someone else.

Путин уйдет из Кремля, вопрос уже решен: озвучено имя преемника

“I am absolutely sure, in any case, I hope that Putin will hand over power. As it happens, in what scenario, I don’t know. But in some scenario, this will happen, of course”, says the Russian journalist.

At the same time, as said Dmitry Bykov, this scenario has long been predicted in the Kremlin.

“Putin, God and Russia in the triple Alliance no longer compatible, one has to go. There are the chances of Russia not bad to leave the triad, is the God and Putin”, — he stressed.

Путин уйдет из Кремля, вопрос уже решен: озвучено имя преемника

The opposition leader also called the name of the probable successor of Vladimir Putin and said that will be with the Russian Federation after the transfer of power to him.

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“But the most interesting result of what is happening is, of course, the evolution of Sergei Sobyanin and the position which he occupies. Very few people Sobyanin was perceived as still a strong Manager in the camp of the security forces and this transition as a potential successor, who, after Putin will be able to hold soft transit towards such liberalization. Well, now it stopped. And, in my opinion, is good. Because such a compromise after Putin, he, in the end, the end, it will lead to further stagnation of Brezhnev after Khrushchev, who flew, and eventually lost to the situation. I think it simply means that after Putin will be a complete paradigm shift. That’s all. Soft transit will not” — summed up Dmitry Bykov in interview with the Russian radio station.

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