Putin will be furious: Girkin told me the reason and customers of murder Zakharchenko, first details

Путин будет в гневе: Гиркин назвал причину и заказчиков убийства Захарченко, первые подробности

All known terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) has denied the murder of the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko Ukrainian special services, as declared in the Kremlin

According to him, this primarily was interested in the Russian curators “DNR” wrote MK.RU.

Girkin said he did not believe in the “official” version of the investigation, which took place in “DNR”.

“I believe that without the participation of the people involved, so to speak, with influential Russian circles, eliminate Zakharchenko would be impossible. I don’t think the decision to eliminate was made by the official authorities, but more than likely that there were serious forces interested in the elimination,” – said Girkin.

Путин будет в гневе: Гиркин назвал причину и заказчиков убийства Захарченко, первые подробности

Murder Zakharchenko isn’t about politics, said of the gunman. In his opinion, the case in commercial matters — we are talking about control schemes and over the industry in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass.

“If political motives were the main, the wise would simply call in Moscow and left here. As it was, for example, Bolotov (Valery Bolotov, the former leader of “LNR”. – Ed.)”, – said Girkin.

Recall that Zakharchenko was eliminated on 31 August 2018 as a result of explosion in cafe Separable. In June, 2019 in the self-proclaimed “DNR” published the official results of the investigation of the murder of wise. The terrorists accused in the murder of the Ukrainian security forces.

Instead Zakharchenko now runs the nedorespublike Denis Pushilin. As recently stated by a well-known blogger Fascists Donetsk, his days in this position are also considered, and it can kill.

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Путин будет в гневе: Гиркин назвал причину и заказчиков убийства Захарченко, первые подробности

According to sources in the occupation government and the Ministry of defense DNI, soon in Donetsk will come from the Commission of the Russian Federation, to see where taxpayers ‘ money is leaving Russia and how it is spent. Namely, how and how much was stolen Pushilin and his entourage.

“The current manual monkey in the Kremlin, Pushilin, from this fact, in the fierce shock of the stolen money Nemer, to return them is no longer possible, which means…which means this is actually the following : Pushilin with a probability of 99% will kill each of the Junta, for the Commission of the Russian Federation will give a “black mark” mmm-the box from Makeyevka.”,- the blogger writes.

We will remind, Putin “hidden” from Tarantino, adventure Director in the Kremlin blew up the network.

As reported Politeka, archival photo of Putin conquered network, shame the whole world can see.

Also Politeka wrote that discovered the “boss” of Putin and his place of residence.