Putin went on the offensive in the Donbass, “now”: revealed a daring plan

Путин пошел в наступление на Донбассе, «теперь все иначе»: раскрыт дерзкий план

The actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Donbass say that he went on the offensive

This was reported by political commentator Vitaly Portnikov, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has reached a new phase of action on the propaganda front. Thus, the content and the purpose of this information war for a period of a few months the clear. The Kremlin did not want the elections to a new Parliament were won by the party of new Ukrainian President “a servant of the people”, and especially the national democratic force,” he said.

Especially for this, according to Portnikov, Putin needs to affect residents of the East and South of Ukraine.

Путин пошел в наступление на Донбассе, «теперь все иначе»: раскрыт дерзкий план

“But in order to ensure in the East and South of Ukraine the success of the Pro-Russian forces, we need to prove Pro or politically immature electorate that it has once again deceived. Promised to make peace with Russia now put forward conditions,” he said.

At the same time, the expert said that now Putin’s actions will differ from those he made in 2014.

“This is especially important because in 2014, a large part of the electorate of southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine abstained from participation in the presidential elections, because it is not seen among the candidates of their candidate. This time it was different, and the Kremlin, it is important to convince these voters Zelensky in their mistake,” he said.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky his statements about the Ukrainian passports for the Russians forced the inhabitants of the Kremlin to get out of the comfort zone.

This was told by political analyst Oleg Saakyan. He said that Zelensky his reaction tightens Putin in the field of virtual negotiations and the virtual exchange barbs via social media.

“Such density statements between Ukraine and Russia was not long ago. And the last response (of the President of the Russian Federation – ed.) of Putin that is good that Ukraine will give the passport to the Russians, we are Ukrainians, and we will come to a common denominator, the joke’s on the brink of a foul, where in fact, Putin begins to move on the Zelensky. And uneven the hour when we can see the video from Putin, where he will speak: “Passports, passports”, — said the analyst.

Moreover, the expert is sure that Zelensky will behave with Putin even tougher than its predecessor. Sahakyan is sure that the most important guarantee of political survival Zelensky is its anti-Russian stance, because it is required by society. “And if Poroshenko could afford to hold meetings with Medvedchuk, justifying it with the question of hostages and other problems, Zelensky do not exactly forgive. Accordingly now Zelensky will be even more dramatic than Poroshenko”, – predicts Sahakyan.

Путин пошел в наступление на Донбассе, «теперь все иначе»: раскрыт дерзкий план

Recall that a close friend revealed, who gave Zelensky of money on elections.

As reported Politeka, Putin first sent to the Donbass new weapons-killer.

Also Politeka wrote that ex-the Deputy of the state Duma explained why RF against Zelensky.