Putin was offended over the “g*UPE dog” and is going to punish Georgia: details of revenge

Путин обиделся за «г*вно собачье» и собирается наказать Грузию: подробности мести

Scandal between Georgia and Russia continues to grow

After the famous Georgian TV host Giorgi Gabunia insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s live broadcast, the State Duma intends to introduce a ban on the import of wine products and mineral water from the country.

Also, the Russian government is going to block remittances to Georgia.

About those bans said the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Interfax reports.

The initiator of such sanctions is the head of Putin’s “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. In the state Duma his initiative was supported by most of the political forces (“Fair Russia”, CPRF and LDPR).

This “punishment” for the Georgians also approved by the head of the international relations Committee Leonid Slutsky.

He noted that with the emergence of proposals to tighten measures against Georgia, for abusive words to address to Putin, the Russian Parliament will support them all. According to Slutsky, in takakusagi “it is necessary to react most harshly, and beat the hands to anybody to repeat such things in Georgia and in any country of the world do not like.”

Moreover, in their rage and desire for revenge, the deputies of the state Duma believe that the offender of the President of Russia, who publicly humiliated him bound to appear before the court of the Russian Federation. Already appeared information that the Russian media insist on extradition of the offender Putin’s Russia.

Путин обиделся за «г*вно собачье» и собирается наказать Грузию: подробности мести

“We need to prosecute the representative of Georgia, who behaved rude, wrong, insulting the head of state, to extradite him to the territory of Russia, that our court determined the extent of liability in accordance with the laws of our country, and then will have to decide where he will serve his sentence in the territory of Russia or on the territory of Georgia,”– said the speaker Volodin.

Recall that the famous Georgian TV host Giorgi Gabunia swore at the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in a live broadcast.

Путин обиделся за «г*вно собачье» и собирается наказать Грузию: подробности мести

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First, he greeted the audience and decided to say “hi” to Vladimir Putin in a peculiar manner. So, then “ears” Putin has fallen foul of the selected phrase.

“Little johnny, bitch podzabornaya you, g*UPE you a dog PI**and you’re a walrus. Our beautiful earth is no place for such a wretched creature. Someone as ugly as you. Stinky invader fuck you in the f*PU, Volodya. You go to the*th with their slaves. Fucked*l I your mother. Oh, she’s dead. Let it burn in hell along with you and your father. CP*at I wanted on your grave. Amen,” he said.

Recall that Kikabidze struck a prophetic warning to Putin.

As reported Politeka, Putin ridiculed caustic fotozhabu because of the scandal in the PACE.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s debacle in Georgia has shown in a single frame.