Putin was humiliated in front of the whole world, the Russians furious: “Blank space”

Путина унизили на глазах у всего мира, россияне в ярости: «Пустое место»

At the G20 summit in Japan, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has taken the place of Russian President Vladimir Putin, that were actively discussed in the network the Russians

The corresponding photo published in Twitter Nasha Canada Newspaper. It gathered more than 700 likes.

“At the G20 summit, Trudeau sat down in the place of Putin. When asked why he did that, Justin replied: “I was told that if it says “Russian Federation”, so it’s nothing”, – signed photo.

“Have Trudeau out schizophrenia in an acute form? All “empty space” talks, hand shakes, to Each Trudeau wants to be sometimes Putin”, “Canada — the most authoritative country!” Even that’s funnier muddle”, “Everything was a bit wrong. When GDP went up, mirror jumped up and, with a bow:”have a Seat, I warmed!” – angry Russians.

Путина унизили на глазах у всего мира, россияне в ярости: «Пустое место»

But there were users, who took another position.

“Trudeau could not say, just for one reason that he is not a fool, unlike some”, “Has the right to request the people of this territory,” “Well, it’s fake. Why stoop to the level of rossiya24?” – wrote others.

Videos with this act, Trudeau has published in his Twitter journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov.

“The Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau sat down in the place of Putin: he does not know that in Georgia it can be punished”, – he signed the post, which also gathered more than 800 likes and hundreds more comments.

“What lance wants to become a Marshal?!”, “The place of Putin in the bucket”, “don’t want to hurt him, not want him to run into raisu”, “It would be very nice if Justin Trudeau took the place of the bald dwarf in the Kremlin! For the next 4 years!”, “He thinks if he sit in the place of Putin, as great will be,” also responded differently subscribers.

June 28-29 in Osaka (Japan) hosted the summit of Big twenty, where the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may suddenly appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to engage in deescalation of the situation in Ukraine.

At the summit big twenty, Putin had disgraced. Leaders in the party raised their glasses, and at this time Vladimir Putin was quickly transferred to a separate glass (in the form of plastic). It is also a welcome raised his hand with his utensils and ldge not drank. The network noted that the Russian President’s paranoia that he was poisoned, which was the subject of ridicule.

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Путина унизили на глазах у всего мира, россияне в ярости: «Пустое место»

Recall, trump has publicly threatened Putin in Japan.

We also wrote that Putin Ukraine prepared a trap.

Even politeka reported that the UN Tribunal handed down the verdict to Putin: