Putin was held hostage in his office: “rescuers liquidated…”, the first details and footage

Путин оказался в заложниках прямо в своем кабинете: «спасатели ликвидируют...», первые подробности и кадры

In the garden taynitskom Kremlin found military bomb

In the heart of Moscow, is a frightening emergency. In the Kremlin have found a bomb of times of the great Patriotic war. About the incident reported by Russian media:

“It (the bomb – ed.) found in the garden taynitskom Kremlin. There had been a cellar-glacier storage food.”

Rescuers are now trying to eliminate discovered the bomb, which lay under a thick layer of soil:

“During construction works has been discovered today an unexploded bomb. Item removed and will be eliminated,” — said rosssmi the commandant of the Kremlin General-would be Lieutenant Sergey Khlebnikov.

Путин оказался в заложниках прямо в своем кабинете: «спасатели ликвидируют...», первые подробности и кадры

Recall also the infamous Kremlin propagandist Olga Kabaeva scored a new “gem” in the network.

This time the Russian journalist Olga Skobeeva do not hit dogs with their owners. So the presenter believes that the aggressive behavior of dogs should respond to their masters. The corresponding opinion was expressed in his telegram channel, commenting on compiled by the government of the Russian Federation the list of dangerous dogs:

“Since January of 2020 will enter into force a law that will forbid to walk a potentially dangerous dog without a muzzle and leash. I love dogs. If the dog is aggressive or something, then you need to blame the owner. So a month ago I was bitten by the neighbor’s Dachshund. Not to recognize the Dachshund is extremely dangerous…,” said one.

In the network because of the situation there are a lot of humorous comments:

“See, the rate was strongly poisonous))”

“And the fee after that is dead”

“I wonder Kabaevoy put the vaccine against rabies . Although she’s like that”.

Путин оказался в заложниках прямо в своем кабинете: «спасатели ликвидируют...», первые подробности и кадры

Let us remind that on 10 June the head of communications of the National police of Kiev Oksana Blischik reported about the emergency survey of the building of the Verkhovna Rada.

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Law enforcement officers then conducted a survey of the territory of the Verkhovna Rada and a number of other objects due to anonymous message about mining:

“Several reports of mining 5 underground stations, the Ministry, two shops, and three lie University.”

For emergency check of all objects then created an additional group of bomb experts and dog handlers.

The capital scared a few “mining.” So “Kyiv metro” has informed in Twitter about “mining” stations “Teatralnaya”, “Zolotye Vorota”, “Teremok”, “Olympic”.

We will remind that the Russian invaders howled in frustration, Putin will not save details of the disaster

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”