Putin was clearly embarrassed with a new double: “P**dit breathes”

Путин ярко оконфузился с новым двойником: "П**дит как дышит"

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave another delusional statement, becoming a laughing stock on social networks

This time Vladimir Putin disgraced himself by talking about “positive economic growth” in the Russian Federation.

The corresponding video in his Twitter has published a propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, who inexplicably continues to call himself a “journalist of the Kremlin pool”.

Путин ярко оконфузился с новым двойником: "П**дит как дышит"

“Vladimir Putin: Russia maintains positive economic growth, it continues for 13 consecutive quarters. However, it is necessary to achieve more sustainable and, most importantly, a more dynamic growth,” reads the caption to the video.

Users reacted angrily to the publication and noted that Vladimir Putin in order to tell ordinary stories population, sent to shoot the video next to his double.

“The man’s delirious live”, “the growth of even the pubs are closed”, “Fabulous P**Dabolim”, “Well, this is obvious nonsense!”, “Grandfather in the economy or a boom-boom”, “P*zdit as breathing”, “What a louse he wrote it…”, “He*mentioned”, “Iron proof of the existence of a parallel reality…” “let Putin the street”, “Pyne so fuck the Russians that the shooting of the next video about the “successes of the Russian Federation” posted double-Buryat. Fuckers, you stay there!” — they are joking in the comments under the post of a propagandist Smirnov.

Путин ярко оконфузился с новым двойником: "П**дит как дышит"

Recall that the Ukrainian boxer forced Putin to stand under the anthem of Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, the meeting of Putin with Zelensky: in the Kremlin, flustered, “there “but” not one.”

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s bright besieged on the G20: “strike where it hurts”, has a video.