Putin was a fiasco, the bases are preparing their same: “the world will go on”

Путин потерпел фиаско, подставу готовят свои же: "пойдет по миру"

Vladimir Putin will be ousted from the Kremlin through a revolution, which will cover Russia

As reported Politeka, such forecast was voiced by Russian political scientist and Professor Valery Solovey.

According to the forecasts of the Nightingale, the revolutionary events in Russia will begin in late 2019, and large-scale political crisis drags on for two or three years.

Путин потерпел фиаско, подставу готовят свои же: "пойдет по миру"

It will be a very difficult period, which ended with the ouster of the current regime from power and re-established Russia.

He also noted that now Russia froze in anticipation, people feel the coming terrible events, and “behave like animals before an earthquake.”

“The revolutionary events will not lead to civil war or to the collapse of Russia, because the power structure will not defend the powers that be, and ourselves,” says Nightingale.

Says ex-representative of the Alliance in Russia Harry Tabs, soon Russia will cover the civil war, where Russian nuclear weapons “the world will go on”.

“I … I know for sure one thing that when Putin will not be, there will be turmoil and civil war because it got rid of all democratic institutions. To the President of Ukraine it would be easier just to get rid of all democratic institutions, because the country — war, but you were able to keep them. And Putin, even in peacetime, managed to get rid of them,” he says.

Tabs says that after Vladimir Putin will lose the power, “all these potentates will start to grab power and start fighting with each other.” This, according to former NATO representative in Russia, lies the real danger to the civilized world.

“It’s very dangerous. They say that the United States destroyed the Soviet Union or anything like that. Bush has many times traveled to the Soviet Union and Gorbachev asked him to hold the Union, because the United States did not want nuclear weapons dispersed. Then agreed to all the allied countries gave the nuclear weapons to Russia. Now, if Russia will collapse again, nuclear weapons could disperse around the world. Yes, there is a very big risk. But the worst of it or what a man like Vladimir Putin is in power, I don’t know. Here is history will show that worse”, — concluded war.

Путин потерпел фиаско, подставу готовят свои же: "пойдет по миру"

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The same forecast was voiced by another Russian analyst Lilia Shevtsova, who suggested that the current term of the presidency of the leader of the Kremlin will be his last.

According to her, the society has already felt the negative sentiment against the President and the events that occur in Russia. Besides Lilia Shevtsova added that Vladimir Putin himself feels that this is his last term in the presidential seat of the country.

Also, the analyst tried to predict what awaits Russia in the future and how there will be a change of power in the country. Lilia Shevtsova expressed concern on what will happen to Putin’s departure, will it be possible to control the situation.

“It’s an angry, hardened country. The future of the impoverished and losing population. Elite, locked up in a leper colony. The mutual hatred of the poor to the rich. Fear of the latter. The lack of peaceful methods of reform”, – said Shevtsova.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Putin has no chance, the plan for the destruction is ready.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is preparing a new invasion, deadly weapons at the border