Putin threatened a military invasion: “the most serious consequences”

Путину пригрозили военным вторжением: «самые тяжелые последствия»

Russia and the United States exchanged “pleasantries”, reviewing the situation in Venezuela

So, we can say that Russia had a fight with the United States for the military operations in the “sovereign state”. Countries failed to reach consensus on the question of Venezuela, which is shaken by a protest for protest.

High tones on the subject talked US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Not only did they not come to a consensus, but also began to each other to threaten, writes Apostrophe.

Путину пригрозили военным вторжением: «самые тяжелые последствия»

So, Mike Pompeo said that the administration of President Donald trump is ready to take decisive military action to finally end the protracted crisis in Venezuela.

“He (the President trump – ed.) is willing to do it if that’s what it takes,” he said during a telephone conversation with Lavrov Pompeo, speaking about the military operation of the USA.

Lavrov tried in every way to dissuade the U.S. side from such actions, threatening that it would have “dire consequences”.

“The Russian side emphasized that the intervention of Washington in internal Affairs of a sovereign state, threats to its leadership – a flagrant violation of international law,” cynically said Sergei Lavrov.

As previously reported, the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, covered the clashes with the military, as the country planned a coup d’etat.

So, the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido urged residents of the country and the military to support the military coup. He is now at the air base, the country’s capital of Caracas, “La Carlota”.

“The national armed forces made the right decision, and they are counting on the support of the people of Venezuela,” he said.

Later it became known that the security service of Venezuela Guido fired tear gas when he was at the airport with his supporters.

Путину пригрозили военным вторжением: «самые тяжелые последствия»

Also in a network there was video as one of the military vehicles drove into a crowd of protesters.

Earlier we wrote that armed men in civilian clothes opened fire on protesters. The incident occurred in the Venezuelan capital. The attackers could be members of the “colectivos” — groups that support the authorities. According to local media reports, in result of firing two activists suffered gunshot wounds and was in the hospital.

The protest over the power outages took place in the Libertador district in Caracas. The protesters blocked the traffic on the streets.

Recall, trump was caught in a scandal with Putin.

As reported Politeka, Putin is afraid of a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko snubbed Putin sharply after rumors of the invasion.