Putin stunned Russians acknowledgement of resignation: “Father OTP*zdelta”

Путин ошарашил россиян признанием об отставке: "Дед отп*зделся"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become a laughing stock in public

The reason for the appearance of the caustic comments was the answer of Vladimir Putin on his possible resignation

The relevant post to his personal Twitter microblog published by the Russian propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

Путин ошарашил россиян признанием об отставке: "Дед отп*зделся"

“Vladimir Putin to the question “what position do you see yourself after 2024?”: It’s too early to say right now, it’s 2019,” — said the publication.

Users with humor reacted to the publication and suggested that Vladimir Putin’s faster will make the Kremlin than he voluntarily leaves the post of President of the Russian Federation.

“Grandfather OTP*sdelta the habit, as in previous times,” “Well, right grandfather said. No one knows what next year will be, what can we say about such a distant future,” “From the Throne that the position of the pensioner reluctant to go down”, “On trial,” “In the coffin of hope”, “On the position of the corpse it is better to see him On the dock in the Hague, excellent position for Putin. Better than the wooden Macintosh”, — they are joking in the comments.

Путин ошарашил россиян признанием об отставке: "Дед отп*зделся" Путин ошарашил россиян признанием об отставке: "Дед отп*зделся" Путин ошарашил россиян признанием об отставке: "Дед отп*зделся"

As previously reported, the network has made fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who decided to organize in the country a special laboratory. Footage of recognition issued promoter Dmitry Smirnov.

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“Putin on the “Sirius”: We create a unique model of education, in the full sense of meeting the high requirements of the future. But the question is much broader — the entire project should become a laboratory for creative freedom and experimentation”, — stated in the message.

Note that network users have embraced the new tales from Putin’s caustic comments.

“Let down”, “Tales of a grandfather Volodya , at least for something otpiaritsya ! What’s with the trash reform”, “the Sirius no longer pour”, “apparently everything is under control”, “Again x*ynyu any sense… orangefor bald. Fu. Abomination. How ashamed to have a coward President. Shame,” they write.

We will remind, Putin “hidden” from Tarantino, adventure Director in the Kremlin blew up the network.

As reported Politeka, archival photo of Putin conquered network, shame the whole world can see.

Also Politeka wrote that discovered the “boss” of Putin and his place of residence.