Putin stunned all new appearance: “old grandmother”

Путин ошарашил всех новой внешностью: "Дряхлая бабушка"

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again disgraced in public

This time Vladimir Putin to embarrass their appearance, which frightened the users of social networks

The corresponding picture in their personal microblog on Twitter published by Russian propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

Путин ошарашил всех новой внешностью: "Дряхлая бабушка"

“Based on the good traditions of the past, Russia and France would at the present stage, the successful development of cooperation”, Putin congratulated the Makron with Bastille Day,” reads the caption to the picture.

Users reacted with humour to the post and Smirnov noted that near the Macron is not Vladimir Putin, and some “old grandmother” whose Botox has gone to his chin.

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“Sberbank already wrote that half of the budget the Russians have spent on food and communal ..and this Thing all posing”, “How Oh*course is our grandmother!”, “In addition to China, Putin is not interesting to anyone. Well, China is a huge ball of natural resources of Russia, the territory that China considers its cheap slave labor”, “What a frail grandmother in the photo? Could not have a normal Buryatia to send to Paris, so as not to shame? Chop off the hands of the surgeon, and then Pynya Botox on the chin floated”, — they are joking in the comments below the post.

Путин ошарашил всех новой внешностью: "Дряхлая бабушка" Путин ошарашил всех новой внешностью: "Дряхлая бабушка"

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