Putin stabbed in the back “gas” knife: details crushing blow

Путину вонзили в спину "газовый" нож: детали сокрушительного удара

Dealt a new blow to the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, which likes to boast about Vladimir Putin

This writes Deutsche Welle.

In particular, Europe is suddenly “stuck a knife in the back” Vladimir Putin: the political Committee of the OSCE PA 39 votes adopted the draft resolution on energy security of the region, directed in particular against the Russian “North stream-2”

Путину вонзили в спину "газовый" нож: детали сокрушительного удара

It is reported that through the efforts of the U.S. delegation in the final version of the resolution referred to the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”.

US Congressman at the meeting of the OSCE PA Whether Seldin said that “Nord stream-2” will strengthen Europe’s dependence on a single energy supplier and will affect the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition, the representative of the American delegation stressed that the emergence in the region of the Russian gas pipeline could “lead to increased corruption and instability in the region.”

From the USA to the OSCE went to the “Turkish stream”, which he called “a tool to strengthen Russian influence on other countries.”

Against the relevant amendment actively and sharply criticized the representatives of Ankara, evaluating it as “baseless and incorrect”. So, the Turkish delegation demanded the U.S. to stop impeding other countries to choose to join one or another Russian gas pipeline.

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Путину вонзили в спину "газовый" нож: детали сокрушительного удара

Previously, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky has revealed one fact of which intends to talk with U.S. President Donald trump. According to the head of state, he intends to discuss the issue of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2

“The issue of construction of Nord stream-2 solved long ago. And it is not necessary to speculate this topic as speculating on the return of Russia to the PACE, that’s when we happened. No one is asking. I think that neither Mrs. Merkel nor Mr. macron will not affect the continued construction of the Nord stream. Because they are influenced by local business, and they can’t do anything. So the only solution to this issue — I have a meeting in the United States with the President of the United States. This is the only person who I am sure will solve this issue in the direction of Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

Recall surfaced unexpected details Zelensky relationship with trump: “my friend”.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky in the trip was put in place of the hypocrites: “Ukraine will no longer pay for…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin at negotiations with the trump has been turned into a monkey and laugh all: “Monkey with a grenade”.