Putin signed the fatal act that he had regretted Ukraine

Путин подписал фатальный закон, о котором пожалела Украина

The Russian government has enacted a law analogous to that previously made a lot of noise in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on preferential offset convicted of time spent in prison before the sentence comes into legal force.

The document on Tuesday, July 3, was published on the official portal of legal information.

The document States that one day in custody will be counted for a day and a half in a penal colony, a penal battalion, or an educational colony or two days in a colony-settlement.

Also one day of detention is equivalent to two days of restriction of liberty, compulsory works or arrest, three days of community service and eight hours of obligatory works. In addition, two days of house arrest is equal to one day in jail or prison.

Путин подписал фатальный закон, о котором пожалела Украина

At the same time, Russia has imposed in the act innovation. We are talking about a wide list of persons who are not eligible for preferential credit. He categorically is not provided for persons sentenced to terms in penal colonies of strict and special regime for especially dangerous recidivists and sentenced to death that this punishment was commuted to life imprisonment or 25 years imprisonment, and persons convicted of terrorism, espionage and violent seizure of power.

Путин подписал фатальный закон, о котором пожалела Украина

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The law States that the new provisions of article 72 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation shall be performed within three months after their entry into force with respect to prisoners in open prisons and young offenders ‘ institutions and within six months — in respect of other convicts.

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The developers of the bill expect that after the law came into force, the sentences will count more than 100 thousand prisoners.

Note that in Ukraine recently adopted a similar so-called “law Savchenko”, which in the end, the authorities decided to cancel.

Путин подписал фатальный закон, о котором пожалела Украина

We will remind, Russia is approaching a terrible catastrophe, Putin’s regime faces collapse.

In the near future in Russia can happen something dangerous.

This was told by a famous astrologer Vlad Ross.

According to him, after the end of the world Cup, in the 20 days of July, may suddenly develop an intense situation. It will provoke a “bloody” lunar Eclipse near Mars.

“As you know, the championship ends on July 15, and at 20 days the longest Eclipse near Mars, the God of war. Because the situation can turn very dramatic. These days will be the unexpected beginning of the war. For example, such events may begin to unfold in the middle East,” said Ross.

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