Putin received a hard blow from Zelensky, Russia hysteria: “followed in the footsteps of Poroshenko”

Путин получил жесткий удар от Зеленского, в России истерика: «пошел по стопам Порошенко»

Russian propagandists are extremely emotionally reacted to the fact that Vladimir Zelensky did not congratulate happy birthday to Vladimir Putin

The Russian President celebrated his 67th birthday on Monday, 7 October. While congratulating him among the world leaders was not the President of Ukraine. It immediately drew the attention of the Kremlin.

“Until the end of the day (Monday. — Ed.) I have not seen among the received messages any messages from trump and Zelensky. But or not, or they can come later — here I am in this case not sure, because sometimes just through diplomatic channels [greetings] may come with a delay. But maybe do not come”, — said Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Путин получил жесткий удар от Зеленского, в России истерика: «пошел по стопам Порошенко»

In turn, the Russian propaganda publication “Ukraine.ru” has released an article that could mean a gesture Zelensky. In the publication titled “Why Zelensky ignored Putin’s birthday? Congratulations as a political signal,” the authors accuse the President of Ukraine in the continuation of the tradition of his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, who also ignored the birthday of Putin.

“The fact that Zelensky has ignored birthday of his Russian colleagues, not congratulating him, as is customary according to diplomatic etiquette, shows: he focuses on that part of society that you set up anti-Russian and anti-Putin”, — stated in the material.

Путин получил жесткий удар от Зеленского, в России истерика: «пошел по стопам Порошенко»

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the Kremlin has published the list of all those who congratulated Vladimir Putin on his birthday.

October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin is 67 years old. The Kremlin media have listed a list of all those who congratulated him. Among congratulated leaders of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, also, it should be noted not be as long, if not a very short list congratulated Vladimir Putin joins the following policies and senior officials.

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