Putin ready to throw down, there was a statement: “the whole world would rise…”

Путина готовы скинуть, появилось заявление: "весь мир уже поднимется..."

Russian President Vladimir Putin may soon leave his post as the people are satisfied with all the massive rallies against him in the capital

Every week protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin more and more. The last meeting was held on Saturday, August 10. It gathered on Sakharov Avenue 50 thousand people, according to the “White counter”. Moscow authorities reported only about 20 thousand demonstrators.

The rally itself was peaceful, but after his mass arrests began. Law enforcement authorities mistreated the people and grabbed everyone. Suffered and those who rally had nothing. Was detained a truck of food and the disabled. All were severely beaten and loaded into paddy wagons.

Journalist Vyacheslav was Cecile believes that there will be a new Maidan in Russia, and Putin will be overthrown soon.

“I know the history, have gone through restructuring, the collapse of the Soviet Union, several shifts of power and including two Ukrainian Maidan. Some even felt, and from different sides. And what now is happening in Russia is a revolution, independence – call it what you want. And not even in the first stages.”, he writes.

Путина готовы скинуть, появилось заявление: "весь мир уже поднимется..." Путина готовы скинуть, появилось заявление: "весь мир уже поднимется..."

The writer also adds that he does not know any successful case, when power was helping to strangle the revolution. The government can only temporarily delay his defeat.

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In the comments of the Ukrainians spoke about a possible overthrow of Putin:

“A king is not real!!!”, “The RDX in a couple of three cities will be delivered and all business”, “Bandera Is working.”, “Let the brothers MacShane,security officer off,the Crimea and the Donbass back home”, “It would be the word to God’s ears.”, “I think the whole world will soon rise against a dozen bandits who rule the world. Ukraine, Mongolia, Russia,…..”.

Recall, the disaster in Russia will greatly affect Ukraine

And Politeka wrote that the network showed the atrocities of the Russian security forces at the rally

Politeka also reported that festive events escalated into mass clashes